December Newsletter

 Welcome to our December Newsletter!

Dog and owner in matching pyjamas for Twin with your dog day

Twin With Your Dog Day.

Hi everybody. Welcome to our December Newsletter!

You might have seen us on social media on 1st December celebrating Twin With Your Dog Day.

There were lots of fabulous photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of people twinning all over the world with their dogs. We managed to get a reach of 741000.

We had interactions with thousands of people from Canadian, India, Europe, Australia, USA and all over the UK.

The ‘Twin Wins’ competition to win one of our handmade Twinning Sets which includes a collar, lead bandana and scrunchie, was won by Toni and her dog Oscar from Dignity Pet Crematorium in Hampshire.

Here they are twinning in reindeer pyjamas. They chose a stylish ‘Muddy Paws’ set as their prize which is one of our best sellers!

 Leo in the frosty grass and sunshine on a morning walk


Leo and Charley

Charley had her 6th birthday on !st December. She’s been the goodest girl, so had new toys, a pretty new collar and lots of tasty chews.

Leo has been coping well on his new medication with monthly hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. He seems almost pain free but he remains very reactive to other dogs, loud noises and anything that startles him, so we continue to take walks in quiet places to keep him and me as stress free as possible.

We are part of the ‘Yellow Army’ so he wears a bright yellow harness from My Anxious Dog and I wear a hi-viz jacket on top of my coat that tells people we need space. People can see us coming for miles and can see that he is a nervous dog.

We’ve been loving the crisp bright frosty walks recently. With the earth as hard as iron there have been fewer muddy paws prints on our kitchen floor too!    

 Labrador about to eat a chocolate cake


Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Food At Christmas

The festive season is a very common time for dogs to become ill, just when the vets are closed for regular business and an emergency consultation will cost a fortune. That’s just one good reason for keeping an eye on you pooch over Christmas. Our home are filled with food and drink for family and friends but thee is a lot of foodstuffs that we specifically have at Christmas that can make your dog extremely unwell and there are some that are fatal!

With that in mind I did some research and have written a blog highlighting all the foods that you should avoid.

I will be sharing some graphics over the next week on Instagram and Facebook to spread the word. I thought I knew what was ok for dogs to eat and was surprised to find that there were things I didn’t know that were unsafe. Here is the first of seven graphics. The rest can be seen in the blog along with signs and symptoms to look out for and what to do if you thing your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t.

If you would like to read the blog in full, please click on the link below.

Keeping Dogs Safe Around Food At Christmas

 Food that is dangerous for dogs to consume


Christmas sell out!

I’m really happy to say that out Christmas Star and Reindeer Collections sold out completely and there isn’t a festive bow tie left in the sewing workshop!


Sold out range of Christmas dog accessories

Closed for business from 12.12.22 to 12.1.23

Due to all the postal disruption and courier services being overwhelmed, I have decided to reduce my stress levels and have some time off to plan for 202. I will also be workin on a couple of special commissions which I hope to be able to share with you soon.

So the sewing workshop will be closed from 12th December until 12th January.

Any orders received during that time will be processed after January 12th. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience. You are welcome to email me if you need something urgently but postal delays may prevent it getting to you on time.


Spaniel Aid UK logo


Spaniel Aid UK

SAUK is our company charity and we donate 15% from every sale made. We will be sending our last donation of the year to them on 31st December. We are sending them £200. This will bring our total donations to date to over £4000.

So I would like to thank all the wonderful customers who have supported us this year and enabled us in turn, to support a wonderful volunteer led charity that rescue dogs in need of homes. I know every penny is appreciated.


I hope you have enjoyed catching up with our news and that you have a wonderful Christmas.
We will be back mid January with our news for 2023!
Bye for now
Leo Charley and Kim xxx