Cherry Stone Warming Pillows
Cherry Stone Warming Pillows
Cherry Stone Warming Pillows
Cherry Stone Warming Pillows
Cherry Stone Warming Pillows
Handmade cherry stone pillow and wrap in a Dogs’ Life cotton canvas print. Washable and made in the U.K.

Cherry Stone Warming Pillows

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If you suffer from aches and pains these cute cherry stone pillows are just the thing you need.

Using heat or cold therapy can really help to ease the pain caused by muscle tension, arthritis and sprains.

These little pillows and wraps are filled with cleaned and dried cherry stones which heat up easily and rapidly in the microwave and will stay warm without the dangers associated with traditional hot water bottles. They can also be chilled in the freezer and used like a bag of frozen peas on injuries or for headaches.

You can even add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil once the pillow has been heated to add to the experience.

I find them perfect to use on tight muscles, tummy aches, sore knees and just to warm my cold feet at night in bed. When they are cold I use them for headaches, bruises and to reduce joint swelling.

Cherry stone pillows have been used in Switzerland for over a hundred years and are often used in spa massage, chiropractic treatments and for aches and pains at home.

The pillows are washable and can last for years if they are looked after properly. Inside these pillow and wraps the stones are contained within a cotton poplin bag whilst a tougher cotton canvas forms the outer bag. The seams are all double stitched to ensure that the stones can’t escape.

We currently have two sizes in three different cotton canvas prints. Two are dog themed prints for all the crazy dog people out there (self included).

The Cherry Stone Pillow

This one is 18cm square, approx 300g in weight. It is deal for targeting a particular spot and is the perfect size to use for stomach cramps, muscle tensions, to warm hands and feet and safe for children to cuddle up with.

The Cherry Stone Wrap.

This one is 13cm by 38cm, approx 600g in weight, which makes it perfect shape and size for wrapping around necks, limbs or for placing along your spine or shoulders.

All our cherry stone warmers come with heating, cooling and washing instructions. This information can also be found in the care section of the website.