Midnight Sky Dog Bandana
Midnight Sky bandana, bow tie , with matching bag and hat for owners. Handmade  and washable. Hat and bag  made from upcycled denim.
Midnight Sly handmade dog lead.
Midnight Sky dog collar, bandana, lead and bow with hat and bag to match for owners
Midnight Sky star print bow tie, collar, bandana, lead and pouch bag. Handmade and washable

Midnight Sky Dog Bandana

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Handmade dog bandana in a fabulous navy poplin printed with stars.

This gorgeous blue bandana has a matching collar, lead and bow tie with accessories available for owners too! 

*Note: All bandanas slide onto a collar. Ex Small will fit onto collars up to 20mm wide. S/M/L will fit collars up to 25mm wide - they are do not tie on.