Hand made natural paw balm to soothe tired and sore paws. made in Cumbria
Hand made natural nourishing and soothing paw balm gor dogs big and small. perfect to maintain healthy paws. made in Cumbria

Paw Boost Balm

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Designed to soothe tired and sensitive paws after long walks.

Our best friends paws need to be hard, tough and sturdy to help them cope with exciting adventures.

Occasionally though, after a long walk, pounding the town or country paths, even the toughest paws might need a little pampering.

This specially designed “Paw Balm” created using shea butter, bees wax and infused sunflower oil, is designed to sooth, and rejuvenate.

The sunflower oil is infused with Cumbria grown herbs that have been chosen for their beneficial properties.

Calendula, is soothing and looks after the surface of the paws, lemon balm and lavender, both calming and relaxing, peppermint, known for it’s pain relieving properties, comfrey, good for deep tissue healing and rosemary which helps healing, cleansing and nourishment.

With no essential oil or other added scent, the aroma is solely that of the constituent parts.

This balm is both soothing and nourishing so perfect for maintaining healthy paws.