10 Ways To Twin With Your Dog

Ten ways to twin with your dog.

Twinning with your dog is more popular than ever with high street and designer brands now making clothing for dogs and owners alike. You can get everything from outdoor wear to pyjamas available for you and your dog.

It is quite a fun trend and we are delighted that people are joining in with our National Twin With Your Dog Day as we love to see all the cute photos that people share on social media. It always brightens our day to see you all twinning with your furry friends.

If you are new to twinning, here are a few ideas to get you going. I hope they inspire you to join in and have some fun!

  1. If your dog has a coloured collar, harness you could wear a matching piece of clothing, a scarf or carry a matching bag. The possibilities are endless and so easy.




  1. How about matching T shirts! Rachel and Patch look so cute and stylish in stripes.

Rachel and Patch wearing matching striped t shirts looking super cute on Twin With Your Dog Day  


  1. Just choose a colour and wear matching jumpers. Sandy and Michelle  from Scruffy Little Terrier look so cute and cozy in their grey woolly jumpers. 

 Michelle and her Border Terrier Sandy wearing matching grey jumpers


  1. Many dogs wear coats in winter so this brings more opportunities to twin. Try wearing a matching coat or jumper. Many designers have brought out ranges for dogs and owners in recent years, Prada, Gucci and Fendi have all added dog coats to their ranges. Check out sparkpaws.uk for more affordable twinning outfits. 

 Owner and dog wearing matching sweatshirts


  1. If you have long hair what could be sweeter than wearing a scrunchie with a matching bow tie for your dog. There are so many fabric options on our website. https://leocharleyandme.co.uk/products/handmade-scrunchies but here are Gertie and Kate wearing the Strawberry Fields Forever set. Thanks to Kate at Dotty4Paws for the fab photos.

Kate and her dog Gertie wearing matching bandana and hair scrunchie for twin with your dog day


  1. If you want to be subtle with your twinning how about wearing a hat whilst your pooch sports a matching bandana. We have an extensive range of upcycled denim bucket hats with linings that match our dog accessories. https://leocharleyandme.co.uk/products/denim-bucket-hats

 Hannah and Leo the Labrador wearing matching bandana and upcycled denim bucket hats in Midnight Star print for Twin With Your Dog Day


  1. Christmas is almost upon us so how about wearing matching Christmas jumpers for the festive season. It looks so cute!  Check out Etsy and Joules for ideas.                 

  Classic Christmas jumper for dogs and owners. Perfect for Twin With Your Dog Day


  1. Or if the whole family wants to join in the fun of twinning there’s nothing to beat a set of matching pyjamas for everyone including the dog!        Check out the amazing collections that Apprentice winner, Kathryn Louise Burns has designed at My Christmas Pyjamas and Pyjamily 

Matching pyjamas for dogs and owners perfect for Twin With Your Dog Day


  1. If you are handy with a sewing machine you could make your own matching accessories. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube for you to watch bandanas and bows are easy for beginners to make. Get creative and see what happens. The expert Damo Witon from the Great British Sewing Bee made a tweed jacket for himself and a coat for his dog when he joined in Twin With Your Dog Day last year.

Damp Wilton with his dog wearing matching Tweed jackets made for The Great British Sewing Bee. Perfect for Twin With Your Dog Day


  1. Or you could go mad and make yourself matching outfits. I made this fisherman’s top with a matching bucket hat to go with the new collars, bandanas and leads that Leo and Charley had  as part of their pawdrobe when we went on holiday to Angelsey. We had a lot of fun twinning in Wales, so you don’t need to stick to National Twin With Your Dog Day. Twinning is guaranteed to make you smile any day of the year!

Kim and her Labrador Leo wearing a blue print chambray shirt and bucket hat with matching collar, lead and bandana by the sea in Anglesey perfect for Twin With Your Dog Day

 Happy Twinning!


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