About Us


Fox red Labrador and black spaniel out on Cannock Chase with owner Kim wearing their handmade dog collars and accessories


Leo Charley & Me is a small company based in rural Staffordshire. We design and hand make bespoke and unique collars and accessories for dog and owners who like to express their personality and style to stand out from the crowd. 


                       Handmade dog accessories with matching hats and bags for owners.                          


All our products are made from high quality fabric, strong webbing and durable buckles. They are very soft and really comfortable for dogs and owners to wear.

Leo and Charley, our Labrador and Cocker Spaniel are the inspiration behind the brand and the business.

I suffer with arthritis and a few years ago the medication I take to help with the painful and swollen joints caused me to develop a heart problem. I had to have three months off work and during that time decided that when I was well enough to return to work it would just be part time.

This allowed us to realise a long held dream to add a dog to the family. Leo literally turned my life upside down as he became my personal trainer, my companion and therapy dog, helping me to regain my health.

When he was 2 we adopted Charley, a beautiful black rescue spaniel. She is a total delight. Her name makes people presume she’s a boy so I decided that pretty floral collars were the order of the day. Not being able to find exactly what I wanted, I decided to design and make my own unique collars……… and so began the business! 

Both of these pups both love to swim at every available opportunity, so walks by the local stream and canal often end in a waterfest! As a result we needed collars that could be washed and dried easily but I wanted something cute and stylish to reflect the personality of each dog making sure that Leo and Charley would feel comfortable and look fab too!



Many years ago my Grandpa started up a small clothing business in Manchester when he left the Army at the end of the war. He employed several of his sisters and these wonderful women taught me to sew when I was a little girl. I spent many a happy summer helping out at the ‘workshop’. Their legacy to me has been a life long love of sewing.




This pastime has now become my daily work, designing and making collars and accessories in my little home based sewing studio usually with one or both dogs snoozing at my feet.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to make these gorgeous collars, leads, bandanas and accessories available to buy in my online shop.   

Each one is made with love and care. There are many fabulous fabrics available for those of you searching for something a little different, something a little more stylish and something really comfy for your furry friends with cute accessories available for you too! 


                                   Fox red Labrador and black spaniel snuggled on the sofa wearing their handmade Valentine collars and bandanas.