Covid-19 information. How we are working to keep you safe.

Covid-19 is still causing difficulties world wide with disruption to the supply chain and the closing of many businesses. Some of my trusted suppliers have sadly gone out of business which may cause delays and disruption to production of my hand made accessories.

Here at Leo Charley & Me HQ we understand how this may be impacting on all our customers, their families and their pets as difficult restrictions affect all our lives.

Here in my workshop all our surfaces are wiped down with detergent and hand washing is more frequent. 

Deliveries of fabric, haberdashery and the component parts of leads and collars are handled very carefully so you can be sure that any product sent out to you has been created in extremely clean circumstances therefore protecting you as much as we can.

All products sent to you are packaged in tissue paper within either a cardboard box or plastic envelope. Our advice to you is, on delivery, you should open the packet and tip out the contents onto a clean surface without touching it and discard the wrapping outside in the bin immediately. Then you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water before handling the goods. This will help you reduce the risk of contaminating your goods with pathogens that have been in contact with the parcel on the journey from the post office to your door. 

If there is any change to our production and packaging methods they will be attached to this notification on our website. 

We really appreciate your loyalty and your support of our small business in these extremely stressful times, it really does mean a lot as we are not eligible for any government support.

Stay safe and keep well.

Best wishes and woofs


Leo Charley & Me