November Newsletter

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Dog mannequin wearing our Christmas Star accessories, collar, lead bandana and bow tie. Made in the UK for Dogs and owners

We’ve been beavering away getting ready for Christmas here in the sewing workshop. I really wished I’d had a few of Santa’s elves helping out rather than two snoring dogs!

Our friends at Dotty 4 Paws have been road testing our new Christmas range and have taken some stunning photos for us. We have to thank Kate, Gertie and Winnie for all the support they have given us this year. If you have a moment do checkout their website directory which showcases lots of wonderful products for dogs along with recommendations for fab places to stay with your dog. 

We will be attending the annual village Christmas Fair here in Weston with our little stall of seasonal accessories. There are still a few left on the website but they are disappearing very fast as it seems everybody loves a Christmas bandana.

Jack Russell wearing her Christmas Star collar and red felt collar flower

Leo’s Hydrotherapy

Part of the treatment for Leo’s degenerative spinal condition includes hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

We currently go twice a month to the Mobility Matters Hydro Centre who do incredible work with all breeds of dog. Leo absolutely loves it! He can be a bit lazy though and sometimes tries to sit on the physio’s knee when she’s in the tank. Nancy is absolutely fabulous with him and he is so happy and comfortable with her in the tank.

He does occasionally need encouraging to keep walking on the treadmill but we always go armed with tiny tripe training treats to spur him on. We buy ours from Friends and Canines who specialise in natural treats and chews with no nasty ingredients or processing chemicals.

Currently he is pain free which means he has resumed his position snoring on the sofa in the sewing workshop when I’m working which makes me happy!


Leo the Labrador enjoying time in the hydrotherapy tank

National Twin With Your Dog Day
is only 3 weeks away!

Have you got your outfit ready yet? If not don't worry I've put together a few ideas to make it easy to join in. There's a blog you can read highlighting 10 ways to twin with your dog but I've included some simple ways to twin here.


5 Simple Winning Ways To Twin With Your Dog

  • If your dog has a coloured collar or harness you could wear a matching item  of clothing, a scarf or carry a matching bag. The possibilities are endless and so easy to put together.

 Dog and owner wearing matching scarf and harness


  • How about matching T shirts! Stripes look so cute and super stylish on Rachel and Patch. 

Rachel and Patch in striped t shirts perfect for twin with your dog day


  • Just choose a colour and wear matching jumpers. Sandy and Michelle from Scruffy Little Terrier look so cute and cozy in their grey woolly jumpers. 

Michelle and Sandy wearing matching grey jumpers. Perfect for twin with your dog day


  • If you have long hair what could be sweeter than wearing a scrunchie with a matching bow tie or bandana for your dog. There are so many fabric options on our website. Kate and Gertie are wearing the Strawberry Fields Forever print. Click on Twinning Sets to see the range. 

Kate and Gertie wearing their Strawberry Fields Forever hair scrunchie and matching collar and bandana. Stylish set for Twin With Your Dog Day


  •  If you want to be subtle with your twinning how about wearing a hat whilst your pooch sports a matching bandana. We have an extensive range of upcycled denim bucket hats with linings that match our dog accessories. 

Hannah and her Labrador wearing their matching accessories for Twin With Your Dog Day. She wears an upcyydenim hat with midnight sky print lining whilst Leo wears a collar and bandana in the same fabric. I’m


For more twinning ideas including links showing you where you can buy jumpers and pyjamas check out our latest blog post here.


Twinning Competition

If you'd love to get your paws on some of our matching accessories for free enter our competition running across social media on National Twin With Your Dog Day.

To enter our the competition all you need to do is post a picture of you and your dog in your twinning outfits on December 1st using the #twinwithyourdogday and tag us in the picture.

You can post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The names of all entrants will be placed in a dog bowl and Charley will be given the job of picking out the winners as it’s her birthday on Twin With Your Dog Day.

First Prize will be a collar and lead with either a bandana or bow for your dog plus a matching  reversible denim bucket hat for you. They will be custom made for you from your choice of any of our available fabrics.

 Black cocker spaniel and owner wearing matching red cord and Japanese Blossom hat, collar and bandana.


Second and third prize will a Bow Tie and Scrunchie set currently on special offer at £14 available in most of our fabrics.

Tartan bow ties and scrunchies ready for the festive season and twin with your dog day

Good luck!

See you all in December!

Leo Charley and Kim xx